We are at I. A. Informatics are giving special emphasis on Quality as not only it increases customer satisfaction but reduces time cycle and rework. We believe that quality creates more work as well as clients. It is defined by the customer through his/ her satisfaction. It is the quality mindset as well as a quality system which ensures continuous improvement and fast turnaround.

Based on our experience of many years, we have developed rigorous internal Quality Procedures based on ISO standards. The whole process is automated and quality performance of each CAD professional and member of QC team is recorded in the system. Statistical analysis of Quality ratings is used for monitoring performance of each individual and corrective steps including training requirements are determined.

Our experts have created several automated software routines and procedures to check quality at every stage to ensure,

Dimensional and Text Accuracy.

Completeness of the Drawings and Details.

Confirmation to all the CAD specifications ( Layers, Styles, line type, Text style and fonts, Scaling, X-ref, Blocks and Symbols etc) for the project.

Aesthetics and Presentation of the drawing.



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